Luna & Mar About Us

 Luna & Mar is curated to give you that vacation state of mind wherever you are. With a focus in Mediterranean and European fashion, we strive to embrace the beauty of all women. We want you to dress to impress wherever you go and turn heads as you waltz into the room. Whether it is Brunch, Dinner Date, or a Walk in the Park; Luna & Mar focuses on well-being and elegance.  Inspired by the views of the Amalfi Coast and the beaches in Santorini, even the festivities of Monaco, we endeavor to bring it right to your closet. In times where we can only hope to get away for a few weeks, this is the moment to have the perfect outfit for every occasion. Our pieces are chosen specifically with the mindset of expressing yourself and being the queen of the castle. 

Luna & Mar Inspo

Luna & Mar expresses two different unique characteristics who are one. Luna focuses on the nightlife and the elegance of drinking bubbly Champagne in Côte d'Azur. Inspired by the sophisticated style of Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco and Diana, Princess of Wales. Luna Lady loves to show a little extra sparkle in her day to day and be the life of the party. Mar, on the other hand, focuses on the tranquil of the ocean and enjoys chilled Sangria while bronzing on the Barcelona beaches. Influenced by Audrey Hepburn’s simple, but glamourous silhouettes. Mar Baby loves to relax by the sea and reflect on the simple things in life which are the most important. 

Our elevated selection seeks exactly what it states “elevation” into your wardrobe. It is a more preeminent selection of items for special events or to have ready when needed. Curated with the high-fashion feel and the elegance of the European ambiance. We have specifically selected these items with you in mind and the uniqueness we are all looking for. Nothing feels better than someone admiring your outfit as you dress to impression. As you are sipping on a Dirty Martini with two olives in your spectacular new outfit just remember, express yourself.