Let’s Get to Measuring!

I wanted to build an easy guide to assist with measuring our beautiful bods. You are all gorgeous queens of the castle, nevertheless we all wear different size crowns. This brand is created for ease and relaxation while enjoying the luxury mindset of vacation mode. Many of us are in between sizes or like it a little loose or a little tight. Whatever your preference is, it is always nice to have an estimate of your measurements. The fashion industry has evolved tremendously and has become populated with so many unique silhouettes. We can now find the perfect outfit that we feel the most comfortable in. So, Luna Lady & Mar Baby let’s get to measuring.

There are multiple ways to measure yourself, but these are some of the simplest customs. Always make sure you are standing up straight and have the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Also, round to the nearest whole number. Follow our beautiful model guidelines for assistance. First things first- use a fabric, paper or vinyl measuring tape for the best results. Below is a printable measuring tape (follow the instructions on how to set up).Bust:

Starting with the bust, this does not mean your bra size or band size. You can measure yourself with a bralette and no push up. It is hard to get an accurate measurement when you are measuring your bust, but you can get fairly lose. I will also show you how to find your band and cup size. Let’s start with wrapping the measuring tape around your back and underneath your arms. Then wrap around to the fullest part of your bust. (Follow the lines on our model). Do not pull too tight where you create cleavage. Don’t forget to stand up straight and breathe. Do it multiple times until you get a consistent number. Just let the measuring tape rest comfortably and flat. Round to the nearest whole number. This is your bust size. 

Let’s have some fun, let’s find our band and cup size too. This can get a little complicated, but there are some little cheats below. For the band size, just wrap the measuring tape around the rib cage and just below the breasts. It might be challenging but it should be a little snug and make sure your finger is not in the way. This measurement is your under bust size not your band size. There are multiple ways to find out the exact band size but let’s keep it simple. Round to the nearest whole number. If the number is odd add 4 and it it’s even add 5.  This is your band size. Subtract the band size from the bust size and this is your cup size in inches. Then match the inches with the cup sizes below.

This is your cup size: 2 inches = B | 3 inches = C | 4 inches = D | 5 Inches = DD | 6 inches = DDD | 7 inches = F

Congratulations! You have found out your bust, band and bra size. Do remember since you are measuring yourself the numbers might be a little skewed, repeat this a few times until you have a good range.


The waist can be a little tricky, because we inhale and exhale as well as bloat. Many times, the waist can be used as a guideline with a few inches you can play with. If you have always been between sizes look at the silhouette of the apparel, does it hug the waist or flow. If it is bottoms, follow the guidelines of the sizing and fabric. Denim is normally 100% cotton and can shrink in the wash, so why not have more fabric than less. Another important aspect is if the bottoms have elastic around the waist, because this does add a few more inches to the size. Many bottoms don’t fall on the waist line, but more in between the waist and hips region.

Let’s start measuring the waist: Wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your torso. You can also find your natural crease by bending to the side. That is your natural waist line for you, everyone is a little different.  Another helpful trick is below the rib cage and above the belly button. Best way is to stand up straight, heels together and make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the floor. Just wrap the measuring tape around, but not too snug or lose. This is your waist size.


It is true, Hips Don’t Lie! However, do you know where the hips are? Not the hip bone, but the fashion sense of hips. Hips are not that bone we feel on the side, we need to remember the behind part too. We really measure below the hip bone. Scientist and seamstress must have not gotten along, because it really is two different measurements. It is also not your thighs; it is basically around your butt and sometimes where your pockets are. The hip measurement helps when we are looking at tight dresses or tight pants, but many other items will have more flexibility. Even though measuring yourself can be extremely helpful, do read the fabric and style information. Many different types of materials sit differently on us and have more/less stretch.

For measuring the hip, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bottom. Make sure you are standing up straight, heels together and the measuring tape is parallel to the floor (don’t go scooping the butt). Leave a little space and don’t pull too tight. (Follow the model guidelines). Many times, seamstress will leave a finger space between measurements for the fabric to give you a little wiggle room. When measuring the hips, stay above the thighs, that is a completely different measurement. Once you have wrapped it around and found the fullest part.  This is your hips size.