Mamacita Jeans


These Mamacita Jeans are the way to go! Hugs you in all the right places & gives you a curve appeal (pun intended). The elastic waist band is perfect for when you eat one slice to many of that delicious pizza. Has the flexibility of adjusting the length of the pants by rolling up or all the way down for a straighter look.  You need these Mamacita Jeans!

  • Features
    • Functioning Button & Zipper
    • Elastic Waist Band
    • Can be rolled up or left straight
    • Stitches near the knee to bring in the cut
    • *Highly recommend: since its an elastic waist band- able to size down.
  • Color: Dark Denim
  • Style: Denim Pants
  • Fabric: 100% Denim Cotton 
*measurements are guidelines, please refer to item description

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